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"I have bought some of Sam's images myself. As a photographer, shooting in the same areas, I am awed by Sam's sense of image, graphics, and color. Sam has a knack for creating a complete landscape and his use of reflection and silhouettes lend intense power to much of his work. He has a gift for being there--which in turns drives the viewer to want to do the same.

Bennett Barthelemy, Climber, Photographer, Editor and former Publisher of Wild Humboldt Quarterly

"Sam's work is a dedication to slowing the spin on the human condition and letting time and space to dictate their truths through light, form and subject."

Jon Lewis, Musician

"Sam's photos of seascapes and landscapes are so relaxing and moving, they make me feel like I am actually at the location where they were taken. And because I am not actually at the location, when I look at his photos, they make me wish I were there."

David Sokolsky, Superviser of licensing at Humboldt Bay Power Plant

"I go backpacking to connect with something deeper and more powerful than the events of my day to day life, to seek out that untramelled space, the well-spring of nature. Sam's photographs are crisp images of natural beauty shot from within that space, and his vision flows from an intimate understanding of how that visual beauty speaks to us all. When I experience Sam's work, I am reminded not only of the beauty that exists out there for us all to seek out, but the wonderful aspects of being human that allow us to appreciate it in the first place. In short, Sam's work leaves me heading for the garage to gather my maps and backpack with a desperate need to EXPLORE!"

Scott Davies, Engineer and Contractor

"Sam's images tell the truth. Alpenglow on ridges or sunrise reflected on a mirror pond, these images seem better than real to the viewer, but they're not- they're real. There is no better than real. The trick is to show just how clean the high country is, how bright it is, how subtle it can be, how beautiful it really is. Sam's images somehow capture the purity, the subtlety, the magic. After a few days on the trail the outside world starts to leave, and the spirit of the Wild Place takes over. Sam's photos tell the story of that Spirit."

Rudy Bruening, Environmental Educator

"Sam Camp's images enlarge our idea of home. Instead of replacing locale with a glossy picture, they invite us outward into a true vision of our place: demanding, hard to get to, requiring everything of us, beauty beyond words."

Jerry Martien, Author and Poet

"THE IMAGE: It's not a question of subject matter or expertise-----our world abounds in images, and many possess the photographic skill and "eye" for form, texture, light and composition....What then, sets Sam Camp's images apart from the others? HIS EFFORT: To hike into remote wilderness areas in search of nature at its pristine best; HIS ENDURANCE: To camp in rugged terrain till the storm passes (or arrives!) to record another facet of nature; HIS PATIENCE: To spend the necessary time to capture the elusive; HIS DEDICATION: To donate his time and talent to environmental causes; HIS ENTHUSIASM: To truly love his photographic obsession and share his exciting discoveries of nature's moods with others. "
Don Carlon, World Explorer

"I'm so glad that Sam Camp is getting to some of the powerful places that I can't, bringing back sublime images of wild places that lift my spirits. Thank you for all of your sharing and caring."

Tim McKay, Former Director of Northcoast Evironmental Center

"Beautiful, evocative, well composed, delicious. Makes me want to be there, cherish and protect."

Dr. Ken Miller